Chef Lawrence Salemme

Lawrence is a world renowned chef known for his diversity and specialty vegan dishes made with all organic produce.  He became famous     for his "More Kimchi Please" chef outings and    his work with Cirque du Soleil® and Zuma® restaurant in Miami.



As an American with Korean and Italian parents, I am truly blessed with two culinary lineages. In my house growing up, the phrase we would always say at the dinner table was, 'More Kimchi, please!' That was the inspiration for my first independent foray as a chef, serving Korean dishes on the steps of Kava Roots in Miami. People loved it, and from there I expanded the menu and the rest is history!

There’s a depth that you wouldn’t expect from someone Lawrence's age. Growing up in the Metropolitan D.C. area first exposed him to a diversity that would help develop his eclectic personality and outgoing magnetism. Helping to raise his 4 younger brothers provided him with his deep sense of contribution.

He got his start in the culinary world as a teppanyaki chef (the chefs with the flaming onion volcanoes and crazy knife tricks) and never looked back. He spent the next 10 years focused on opening teams at brick and mortar restaurants to evolve from soft-open to operating and thriving.

Living and working in Miami has challenged him further than any city before, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. With health and vitality among the locals' top priorities, Miami is ripe for transformation. Lawrence's greatest dream is to help shape the choices all Americans have and ultimately provide a path to longevity and vitality through flavorful, cost-effective nutrition.