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On Day 3, we arrived in Barbados.  We didn’t have a shore excursion planned for this island, but I heard through Cruise Critic that the beach owned by Malibu Rum distillery was beautiful, inexpensive and well worth leaving the ship so Josh, Ashleigh, James and I got into a taxi and headed that direction.  We arrived and paid the fee (somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 per person) for the distillery tour.  With the tour, you also get access to their beach, a free drink and a rum tasting at the end of the tour.  Josh stayed on the beach for the tour but James, Ashleigh and I decided to go.  I swear, the people at the Malibu distillery make the BEST Pina Coladas on earth.  It was amazing and I would definitely like to get their recipe.  Even if it was just a little taste at the end of the tour, it was well worth the time and the tour was pretty interesting.  It’s amazing to learn what all goes into the process of making Malibu Rum.

After the tour, we were able to enjoy the beach for several hours before our taxi driver picked us up again.  Some private tour operators brought their horses by for a quick dip in the water.  I’ve never seen horses swimming in the ocean before and it was pretty awesome.

When we got back to the ship, I had to take a picture of the aft end of our ship. 

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