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Day 2 Food

When we returned to our cabin after spending the day in Dominica, we found these. . .

and this. . .

And, no, they weren’t from Josh, as many friends and family assumed they were.  They were actually from Penny, our travel agent and friend who was traveling with us on the cruise.  She sent them to thank me for all the work I put into planning the cruise.  We took the champagne to dinner to share, but we ate the strawberries ourselves.  They were wonderful!

This is a treat that we were fortunate to see throughout our cruise.  Our waiters entertained us all week long, although, you could definitely tell that the waiter on the right was not comfortable with this display of fun at all.

As you might notice, this was formal night (hence the lobster). . .

Josh enjoyed the stuffed mushrooms, but since I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms, he got this one all to himself.

I, on the other hand, ordered the shrimp cocktail, which was pretty standard. This was the pumpkin soup.  I think Josh ordered it but it mist not have been terribly memorable because I don’t remember who even ordered it. Our friend James ordered the Chile Rellenos and he said it was awesome.  He wished they served it every night.

Josh ordered the duck, which looked awesome.

He also ordered Cherries Jubilee with an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I ordered the caramel apple pastry and it left quite a bit to be desired.

I’m not sure who ordered this, but it was the diet strawberry cake.

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