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Day 3 Food

I forgot menu photos this night.

After spending the day in the sun in Barbados, we were definitely ready for dinner.  I was excited to see a grilled chicken quesadilla on the starters menu.  It was very good. I was also excited to see sushi on the menu, but because it had mussels in it, I avoided it.  My dad is allergic to mussels and I have never wanted to take the chance that I’m also allergic to them, especially on a ship in the middle of the ocean, so Josh ordered the sushi and I didn’t get to share this time.  🙁

There was also a sushi bar on the ship that opened every night around dinner time.  The sushi from the sushi bar was better than the dinner sushi (according to Josh) but it definitely wasn’t Wa from home.  Wa sushi is incredible! (

For the main course, I got the short ribs.  They were very good. Josh ordered the seafood pasta and was disappointed that he only found one scallop in the entire dish. Josh ordered warm bread pudding for dessert and I’m sure that I probably had the warm chocolate melting cake.

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