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We had big plans in Antigua.  We were touring with Gordon of and it was well worth the wait.  Gordon was actually our guide in our van and he did an amazing job of showing us all about his home.  When we docked in Antigua, the Norwegian Dawn was in port with us.

One of our first stops in Antigua was an old Fort.  There was an adorable puppy at the Fort and it seemed like he didn’t really have a home.  We were all to scared to touch him, but he sure was cute!

You can see the puppy walking in front of Josh here:

Antigua wasn’t as hilly as some of the other islands that we visited this week, but it had its share of hills.

This is the oldest church on the island.  It was small, but beautiful.

Next, we stopped at Nelson’s Dockyard.  This is an area that the British used during their occupation of Antigua.  There are two rows of these pillars and there used to be a boat house on top of the pillars.  Boats could sail into the channel under the boat house and have their sails hoisted into the boat house to be repaired.  Obviously, the boat house is no longer intact, but the pillars are amazing.

They’re a lot bigger than they look in photos.

Antigua had some really beautiful scenery.

The house you can see here is Eric Clapton’s House.  His Crossroads rehab center is just to the left of the house (out of the picture).

This is a view from above Nelson’s Dockyard.  It was amazing to see from this viewpoint.

Through the trees there, is Eric Clapton’s first home in Antigua.  He moved to the larger hours because neighbors were building all around him and he wanted to get some seclusion. . . he got it, don’t you think?

This is Devil’s Bridge.  It’s a natural land bridge and it an incredible sight to see.  The ocean is so powerful here, it really makes you put things in perspective.

I bought a yummy pineapple soda at the beach.

Here, we’re sailing away from Antigua next to the Norwegian Dawn.

More sail away photos. . .

My Barbados sunburn had made its full appearance by this time.

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