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Day 5 Food

Here’s the menu:

I love how the fried shrimp is listed as "Fried Shrimps".  Apparently, the menu author isn’t a native English speaker. 

Josh had the chicken tenders marinated in Thai spices.  In my experience with Thai food, I know that I need to be careful when I order a Thai dish because sometimes, they are crazy spicy.  This dish was in the mid-range of spiciness.  It didn’t kill me, but it wasn’t Sunday at Grandma’s house either.

I ordered the fried shrimps.  They were definitely shrimps.  🙂

I ordered the Duet of Petit Filet Mignon and Short Rib Confit and it was incredible.  I could have done without the red onions completely covering my potato (that was gross) but once I got rid of the onions, the potato was awesome.  I’m pretty sure that Josh ordered the same thing as I did this night.

My dad ordered the vegetarian lasagna.  If you look close, you can see his fingers and understand the true size of this gigantic piece of lasagna.  It looked awesome and everyone who ordered it seemed to like it a lot.

My mom went the very traditional route this evening.  She ordered the turkey dinner.  Normally, she wouldn’t eat the items that came with the turkey, especially since the menu didn’t say mashed potatoes and gravy anywhere, but she was brave and tried most of the items.

For dessert, I got the Chocolate Raspberry and Vanilla Cream Cake (still not the melting cake).

And Josh ordered the apple pie, which was amazing!

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