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Day 3 of our cruise was our day in Dominica.  Dominica is called the “rainforest island” of the Caribbean, and I definitely know why.  Just sailing into Dominica, we could see the lush greenery of the mountainous rainforests in the distance.  It was breathtaking, as you can see in these photos. 

Josh and I spent some time on the decks checking out the island as we sailed in and we were really impressed with what we saw.

When we got off the ship, Josh, my parents and I all joined Reyno Tours to tour Dominica.  I found Reyno on Cruise Critic and knew immediately that I wanted to tour with his company.  People on Cruise Critic raved about Reyno and his amazing tour around the island of Dominica.

I was really looking forward to this tour and seeing what Dominica had to offer.  Yes, there were some poor areas of the island (as I have found to be the case on all Caribbean islands that I’ve been to), but it’s a really beautiful place to be and I could definitely find a way to live there.

Isn’t is gorgeous?  Off in the distance in these last two photos is the ocean.  It seemed like almost everywhere we went in the mountains, we could see water.  It was amazing!

One of the stops on the tour was Trafalgar Falls.  Trafalgar Falls is a set of twin waterfalls in Dominica.  We were able to go as far as the viewing deck but were asked not to go any farther, we the rocks are slippery and they didn’t want us to get injured.

Other people risked it though and went into the falls.  I wasn’t upset that I didn’t get to go in since I wouldn’t have been very happy touring for the rest of the day in wet clothes anyway.  Ick!

Another stop we made was the sulphur springs.  This spring consists of boiling water and oh boy, does it stink.  It was quite a hike to get to the springs and several in the group decided to quit half way to the springs.  I was glad that we got all the way there, even if the end result isn’t huge, but at least I got a good video of the springs.

After the springs and several other sites in Dominica, we drove through the Botanical Gardens.  The tree in the photo below is called a Century Palm.  It blooms once in 75 years and then dies.  This tree had recently bloomed and was in the process of dying.

This bus was crushed by a tree during Hurricane David in 1979.  They decided to leave it as is to show people how bad the hurricane really was.  Fortunately, no one was on the bus when it was smashed. At the end of Reyno’s tour, we were taken to a viewpoint over the city where our ship was docked.  It was breathtaking!

Here are a few more videos of our time in Dominica.

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