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Most Popular Kansas Vanity Tags

In an article from the Lawrence Journal World a couple of days ago, they listed the top 10 vanity plates in the state.  Currently, one person in every county in Kansas can have an identical vanity license plate.  Under a new rule, only one person in the entire state would be able to have a particular vanity plate.  Currently, the top 10 vanity plates in the state are:

1.  HUSKERS – one plate in each of 53 counties 2.  JAYHAWK – 43 3.  GITRDUN – 38 (seriously?) 4.  CHIEFS – 37 5.  2FAST4U – 36 (again, seriously?) 6.  SPOILED – 35 7.  SOONERS – 34 7.  BLESSED – 34 8.  MYTOY – 33 9.  REDNECK – 32

Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Kansas (Lawrence, in particular) but I really think that this list paints a very negative picture of Kansans in general.  The list says we’re a bunch of hillbilly delusional nut jobs.  Only in Kansas. . .

Here’s the ARTICLE.

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