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NYC Trip Review #1 – JoJo Restaurant

As many of you will remember, Josh and I spent a long Easter weekend in New York City.  I had never been before and I was really looking forward to seeing the city and getting to experience the things that we always see on television.  I was especially excited to try out some of the places that I’ve been wanting to try since I saw them featured on the Travel Channel and Food Network.  We’re definitely foodies, and we used our knowledge and resources to scope out some of the best places in Manhattan to eat while on our short, 4-day trip.  We were not disappointed by what New York had to offer at all.

The first foodie stop we made while in Manhattan was JoJo, a Jean-Georges restaurant that currently holds 1 Michelin Star.  This was the first Michelin rated restaurant that either of us had ever been to and we were curious to evaluate it ourselves after reading a lot of mixed reviews from people online.  A lot of people felt that the restaurant was suited for more of a grandmotherly crowd with older decor and stuffy clientele.  During our meal, the crowd was quite diverse as far as ages, but I would agree about the older decor.  It really did remind me of Upper East Side old money and a fancy formal dining room that has had few updates over the years.

We both ordered the prix-fixe menu here and unfortunately, I’m not comfortable enough yet with just whipping out my camera in a fancy restaurant and snapping photos, so there will be no food photos in this review, but don’t let that deter you.  We ate some great food here and would definitely recommend it to anyone willing to spend a bit more for a great lunch.

The prix-fixe lunch menu at JoJo consists of two small plates and a dessert course.  They also provide bread sticks that were to die for with real butter.  Josh ordered the Tuna tartare and the Chicken, which came with chick pea fries and I ordered the Ricotta Ravioli and Hanger Steak, which came with a large basket of french fries.  I’ve been very lucky ordering Hanger Steaks recently and didn’t have any problem with this one.  Both of the dishes I ordered were amazing.  Josh’s chicken was highly reviewed on Yelp, but he didn’t think it was that amazing.  His tuna tartare was great.  The chick pea fries were interesting, but very good and the french fries were wonderful.  I think they gave me too many though.   

For dessert, Josh ordered the Banana Cream cake with vanilla ice cream and I ordered the sorbet trio.  The sorbet flavors were dark chocolate, mango and raspberry and all were very good.  I preferred Josh’s cake.  It melted in your mouth and the flavor of banana wasn’t overpowering. 

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal at JoJo and would recommend it highly to anyone visiting NYC who wants to experience classy dining.  It was well worth it!

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