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NYC Trip Review #3 – Katz’s Deli

The next stop on Day #2 was the famous Katz’s Deli.  You’ll recognize it from the movie When Harry Met Sally.  It’s famous for being the location for the infamous fake orgasm scene between Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal.  They even have a sign letting you know which table the actors were sitting at when they filmed that scene. 

Josh chose Katz’s because he fell in love with the pastrami when his friend Leo took him there on a visit a few years ago.  I don’t think I have ever had a pastrami sandwich before this day and I have to say, it was well worth the wait.  This stuff is awesome!  What you see on the plate above is half of a pastrami on rye and half of a pastrami on country white.  Katz’s keeps it very simple and they only put a bit of mustard on the sandwiches.  They were incredible, but they should have been for $15 per sandwich with no sides except the pickles! The pickles that they serve with every sandwich are homemade at the deli and they offer three different kinds.  They were different than any pickle I had ever tasted before and they were wonderful.

Josh was also a fan of the Celery soda at Katz’s.  I thought it would be weird, but it actually does taste like celery and it’s made right there in NYC.  Katz’s is a great experience and I was even able to keep my claustrophobia in check despite the incredible number of people in that place.  I couldn’t believe how many people could fit into that building and be completely content in eating.  There was definitely good reason for the lines and crowds.  Good stuff!

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