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Our Cabin

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Well, this post will be all about our home away from home during our 7-night Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Victory.  We were in cabin 2229, which is an inside cabin on the 2nd deck toward the front of the ship. 

We really liked our room.  It was very convenient to the elevators, even though you had to walk a little bit when you got off the mid-ship elevators.  But, the mid-ship elevators were where all the action was.  To get anywhere on the ship, you needed to find the mid-ship elevators. 

We had a great cabin steward and it seemed as though he was always around doing something in our hallway.  We were always greeted with a friendly “hello” each time we saw him.  It was definitely a great experience. 

We were definitely impressed with the size of the bathroom on this ship as compared to the last ship we sailed on last fall.  Carnival bathrooms (and cabins in general) seem to be quite a bit larger than their counterparts on Royal Caribbean ships.  Now, I’m not a fan of either cruise line over the other, it’s just an observation.  There are certainly areas of Royal Caribbean ships that I prefer over their corresponding areas on Carnival ships. Overall, our cabin was a good experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to book a lower level inside cabin again.  After all, we’re never in the cabin for too long, it’s much less expensive to sail in an inside lower level cabin and you can spend your money on more exciting things like shore excursions that way.

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