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Our First Noodles & Company Experience

I’ve been excited about trying this place since I heard that they were opening in the old Palace Cards & Gifts location at 8th & Mass quite a while ago.  I am a huge pasta fan, so how could you possibly go wrong with an entire menu based on pasta?  Although I wish it was a local restaurant downtown rather than another chain, I’m sure that we’re going to become frequent guests at the local Noodles & Company. 

I ordered the Pad Thai.  Ever since I discovered this dish, I have been in love with it and try it everywhere it’s offered.  My favorite is still Zen Zero on Mass Street, but there’s nothing wrong with the version that Noodles & Company makes.

Josh ordered the Bankok Curry and he really liked it (notice he ate most of it before I remembered to take a photo).  I wasn’t a huge fan because it was pretty sweet and I really prefer that my noodles be savory. 

Overall, we really liked Noodles & Company and will be back again, I’m sure.  The prices are very reasonable and their entire menu begins as a vegetarian dish that you can add protein to if you wish.  I’m sure it will do well downtown.

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