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St. Kitts

Unfortunately, we didn’t really do anything exciting in St. Kitts.  By this time, we were pretty tired and decided to spend some time shopping in the complex right where we docked.

Like all of the other islands, the views in St. Kitts were beautiful as well.

This is the shopping center.  I believe that it was a fairly new build and they definitely had a neat variety of shops to look around in.  Josh and I even ended up going into a convenience store/internet cafe to check up on our emails before we got back onto the ship.

I did manage to get a photo of the adults only pool area which also happens to be where the grill and the pizza cafe is on the ship.  I didn’t ever get into the pools on the ship, but Josh swam in the mid-ship pool and enjoyed it.  According to the TV in our cabin, the pool temperature for all of the pools was about 77 degrees (air temperature and water temperature are two completely different things people) and my minimum for even touching the pool is 78 (and that’s on a day when I’m feeling like being really cold for a while).

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