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Vacation Review – Day 1 Food

This was our first night in the dining room.  We were still sitting in the harbor in San Juan since we didn’t actually leave port until 10pm, which was very different from any cruise I’ve been on before.  It was nice to have the ability to get off the ship and do whatever we wanted to do all day after checking in and dropping our luggage off but Josh and I didn’t get off the ship after we got on.  It was too hot and we just wanted to explore the ship and see our home for the next 7 days.  This was a very good night in the dining room and we got to eat with the family that was traveling with us.  My dad’s cousin, his wife, my aunt and her sister-in-law all requested early dining and my parents, Josh and I requested late dining, so we weren’t able to eat together for the rest of the cruise. 

Day 1 (Open Seating) Menu:

For an appetizer, I ordered Fried Chicken Tenders, Marinated Cucumbers and Lettuce served with a Zesty Honey Mustard Sauce.  It actually came with 3 chicken tenders but I forgot to take a picture before I started eating.  Oops!  These were some of the best chicken tenders that I’ve ever had.  The "salad" was awesome and came with dry roasted peanuts that made it incredible and the honey mustard sauce was perfect.  Couldn’t have been better!

Josh’s entree was the Indian Vegetarian Dinner.  He’s a huge fan of Indian food and was very excited to see that the head chef on this ship was from India.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get as lucky as he was on the last cruise we went on, where they had an Indian option on the menu every night, but he was very happy with what he got for dinner this night.  I thought it was comical that the menu called the Paneer cottage cheese instead of Paneer.  I got to taste his meal and I thought it was very good. 

For my entree, I ordered the Grilled Flat Iron Steak with Mac & Cheese and creamed peas.  The peas and steak were wonderful but the mac and cheese kind of lacked cheese. 

Day 1 (Open Seating) Dessert Menu:

For dessert, Josh got something that I had been looking forward to since we booked this Carnival cruise.  The Warm Chocolate Melting Cake.    Warm Chocolate Melting Cake is the ultimate dessert for the chocolate lover.  It has a molten center and is served with one scoop of vanilla ice cream (which we all increased to two scoops after the first time we tried it).  It’s incredibly rich and really needs two scoops of ice cream to be edible for the average person.  I, on the other hand, could probably eat this with no ice cream at all.  It’s that good!!! 

I decided to hold off on the Melting Cake for the first night and ended up ordering the Black Forest Gateau, which was good, but I should have gotten the Melting Cake.

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