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Vacation Review – St. Thomas

We arrived in St. Thomas bright and early on Day 2 of the cruise.  We really didn’t have any solid plans for this island but I knew that I wanted to go to Paradise Point, which is within walking distance of where the ship docks. 

(Source: Ashleigh Trabert)

Paradise Point is a viewing location that is high above the harbor in St. Thomas.  To get to the top, you have to take a sky ride.  This is what it looks like on your way up. . .

Paradise Point is famous for the Bailey’s Bushwacker.  My friend Ashleigh (who visited Paradise Point after we did that day) got one and said it was pretty powerful, but very good.

(Source: Ashleigh Trabert)

(Source: Ashleigh Trabert)

When Josh and I got to the top, we walked around to get some good view pictures and discovered that my dad’s cousin Bill and his wife, Weasy (who were cruising with us, obviously – we didn’t just randomly run into them in St. Thomas) had the same idea that we did that day.  They had been to St. Thomas before but had never been to Paradise Point.     

(Source: Ashleigh Trabert)

After we left Paradise Point, we decided to do some shopping in the stores next to the pier.  There was lots of variety and lots of places to get things that you may have forgotten before getting on the ship.  One place in particular that Josh and I thought was interesting was this sushi bar.  Here, we have Bennihana.  In St. Thomas, they have Beni Iguana’s.  We didn’t eat there, but we thought it was funny. After shopping for a bit, we decided to go back to the ship to cool off.  We definitely weren’t used to the heat and humidity since it was the beginning of November and we’re from Kansas.  Seriously, it was like mid summer at home and it was awfully humid.  I’m glad that I went with my gut instinct and took shorts and tank tops as the majority of my clothing for the cruise.  I don’t think I would have survived in jeans.  It was HOT!

I decided to go up on the deck for sail away since it was light out and I wasn’t disappointed.  We sailed out of the harbor in St. Thomas past the Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort.  Wow, this place was big and looked like an amazing place to stay.  The cheapest room at this resort is $297/night, so I guess it’s a nice place to stay.  :-) 

Goodbye St. Thomas!

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