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NYC Trip Review #2 – Doughnut Plant

The next stop on our food radar was the Doughnut Plant.  I had been waiting to try this place for months and the day had finally arrived.  Unfortunately, the weather on Day 2 was pretty miserable, but we braved the Subways, rain and cold and arrived at the Doughnut Plant a little wet, but ready for some doughnutty goodness.  We have seen several shows highlighting the Doughnut Plant on the Food Network and Travel Channel and have wanted to try their amazing doughnuts for quite some time.  We were not at all disappointed!

First, Josh and I both ordered 2 doughnuts each and tried each of those.  Let’s see if I can remember all of the flavors that we tried. . . first, I ordered a strawberry jam filled doughnut (pictured above), a chocolate glazed doughnut (pictured below).  

Josh ordered a Chocolate pudding filled chocolate cake doughnut, a blackberry jam filled doughnut and a fresh strawberry glazed doughnut.  We only took a few bites of each doughnut and then went back for more.   

In the end, we had ordered a coconut creme doughnut, cinnamon bun, creme brulee, cashew and several others that I can’t remember.  We also had a container of the freshest and best milk I’ve ever tasted.  It was amazing.  I think they get it from a local dairy. 

We tried all of the doughnuts and took most of them back to the hotel with us to have for breakfast the next morning.

Oh, how I miss the Doughnut Plant.  Sadly, they don’t do any mail order right now, but I’m in hopes that they will start soon.  If you’re traveling to or through NYC and love doughnuts, you should definitely make it a priority to stop by this place.  It is amazing!

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