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POM Chocolate Cupcakes

I was pleasantly surprised last week when the wonderful people at POM contacted me to see if I might be interested in trying their awesome Pomegranate juice and blogging about what I thought about it.  This is the first time someone has contacted me to get my feedback on a product and I was so excited to receive a full case of these bottles a couple of days later.  Let me tell you, they’re not messing around when they want you to try their product.  I’ve tried POM before, but it was quite a while ago and I thought it was too expensive to develop a habit.  After seeing a couple of other bloggers post about their similar experience with the sample case, I learned that Costco sells POM in a large jug for a VERY reasonable price.  The next time I’m at Costco, it will definitely be on my list.

Josh has been using the juice for his protein shakes in the afternoon and evening and he says that it really balances out the artificial sugar flavor of the protein shake by itself.  I think it makes the protein shakes smell SO much better!  He’s been using it in both chocolate and strawberry flavored drinks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s tried it in the vanilla mix too and I just don’t know about it.

Anyway, our neighborhood association is very active and every fall, they host a neighborhood block party at one of the parks about 2 blocks from our house.  Every year that we’re in town, we make a point of going to the block party.  The neighborhood association provides the burgers and veggie burgers and we’re all supposed to bring a dessert or side dish.  This year, I made another batch of my noodle casserole (one with meat and one without – there are lots of vegetarians in our neighborhood and I don’t want them to be left out of the noodlly goodness).  I also made a batch of POM Chocolate Cupcakes after searching the internet for good pomegranate recipes.  Let me tell you, there are TONS of cocktail recipes for this stuff.  That’ll definitely have to be something that I try when I feel like a drink.

For now though, I present the POM cupcake. . .

I made both the chocolate pomegranate frosting and the cream cheese frosting that are provided in the recipe and both were excellent.  I’m pretty sure that one batch of either kind of frosting would be enough to frost the entire 24 cupcakes with, but I wanted variety and made both kinds with lost of frosting left over at the end.  The cupcakes were a hit.  They were moist and delicious and when they got to the block party food table, they were gone within about 5 minutes.  It was a good thing that Josh suggested that we split one of each frosting kind before we left the house, or I wouldn’t have been able to tell you how great they were.  Kids LOVE cupcakes! 

I noticed that the first ones to go were the chocolate ones, followed very closely by the cream cheese frosted ones.  Either way, people loved them and they’re definitely on my list. 

To find the recipe, go HERE.

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